Clark Forklift Types

Continental Lift Truck, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Clark Forklifts. We carry a wide range of forklifts and are a trusted nationwide distributor for all Clark products. We provide our customers with a great selection of quality forklifts to meet any specifications. See some our units below. Read more about our diesel forklift, gas forklift and pneumatic forklift models.

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 S25 Pneumatic

  Pneumatic Forklift

C25 Cushion

Clark Forklift
ECX30 Cushion Electric

Clark Forklift

C70 Large Pneumatic

Pneumatic Forklift

CGC70 Large Cushion

Clark Forklift
TMX15 3-Wheel Electric

Clark Forklift
WPX45 Walk Behind Electric Pallet Jack

Electric Pallet Jack



Authorized Clark Forklift Dealer

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Continental Lift Truck, Inc. is an authorized CLARK FORKLIFT dealer in the New York City metropolitan area. We ship to customers nationwide. We have a great selection of forklifts, including diesel forklift, gas forklift and pneumatic forklift models. Each type of lift is designed for a specific lifting task. Consider how and where you will use your forklift before purchasing to get the most from your equipment and to maximize the lifespan of the vehicle. Clark forklifts are trusted by customers worldwide. In addition, Clark has built a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction. The machines are long-lasting and reliable and perform a wide range of tasks. To learn more about what we have to offer, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions you have on our Clark forklift selection.

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