Diesel Forklift

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Continental Lift Truck has a great selection of Clark forklifts ready for distribution across the country, such as a diesel forklift. These types of forklifts are one of the toughest vehicles in the materials handling industry and are suited to a wide range of unit loads. They are designed primarily to withstand the elements one would face with any sort of outdoor work. And diesel fuel is both easy to get a hold of and pretty straightforward to use, making it a popular option for many in the industry.

Diesel Forklift Information

A diesel forklift is typically used for outside tasks, because of how great it works in harsh environments. It can be operated in both wet or dirty settings and still perform admirably. By operating this vehicle outside, the exhaust fumes and diesel particulates can easily escape into the atmosphere. Conversely, if they were used indoors, these fumes could cause a health and safety risk for the workers inside. Exhaust catalysts and purifiers are used to improve the environmental impact of a diesel forklift. They can reduce any noxious emissions and make the forklifts acceptable for occasional indoor use. 

Typical applications for a any sort of forklift includes:

  • loading and unloading goods vehicles
  • container stuffing
  • moving goods into or out of external storage areas
  • transferring items from one site location to another

Those are just basic overviews of how a forklift could be used in the workplace. They are a great tool for many business around the country. 

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