Buy A Clark Forklift

Continental Lift Truck is an authorized dealer of Clark forklifts. We are located in Queens, New York and distribute to customers nationwide. If you are looking to buy a Clark forklift, please call us today. By dialing 718-738-4738, you will be able to get in touch with Peter Macchia. He is our senior sales manager and can provide you with a free quote. He can also help you with all the details about how to buy a Clark forklift! We pride ourselves on having excellent customer support and aim to answer all of your questions and concerns, as well as help you find the best Clark forklift for your needs.

We have a great selection of Clark forklifts available on our site for purchase. Here are the various forklifts that we sell:

  • S25 Pneumatic
  • C25 Cushion
  • ECX30 Cushion Electric
  • C70 Large Pneumatic
  • CGC70 Large Cushion
  • TMX15 3-Wheel Electric
  • WPX45 Walk Behind

We are the Clark dealer with the experience you can trust. On top of these Clark forklifts, we also offer an electric pallet jack that you walk behind. We are here for you with all of the options when you want to buy a Clark forklift. Check out the features of these electric pallet jacks for sale and see if it is what you need.

We do more than just sell Clark forklifts. We rent out new and used Clark forklifts, as well as provide repairs for your existing Clark forklifts. We have more than 10 road service vans available, which includes 2 flatbeds and a Lowboy truck service. Learn more about pneumatic forklifts and what makes them the perfect option for many companies.

Continental Lift Truck has years of experience distributing Clark forklifts. We are located in Queens, New York, but distribute to clients around the country. For more information about how to buy a Clark forklift, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions you might have about our forklifts. The number to call to speak to our office is 718-738-4738. We can provide you with a free quote.