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Are you looking for an electric pallet jack for sale? Pallet jacks are a great tool for many different warehouses and businesses. Since they are smaller than a forklift, they can be more easily stored. Forklifts are pretty heavy duty, but an electric pallet jack can be used for many of the same tasks. Perhaps not pull the same weight, but it can maneuver into tighter spots than a forklift. So if that sounds like your warehouse, then perhaps an electric pallet jack from Clark is exactly what you need.

Electric Pallet Jack Quotes

Continental Lift Truck is a nationwide distributor of electric pallet jacks and are an authorized dealer of Clark forklifts, which includes these electric pallet jacks. If you are interested in an electric pallet jack for sale and would like a free quote, then please call and ask for our senior sales manager: Peter Macchia at 718-738-4738. He can help with all of the details regarding the purchase of an electric pallet jack.

What Is An Electric Jack?

An electric pallet jack also goes by the name of a powered pallet jack. This is a type of forklift that runs on electricity and is able to move heavier pallets that a manual one may have difficulty doing. This type of forklift operates at a quicker speed, so moving the pallets around becomes less of a hassle. It is perfect for loading and unloading truckloads of products, because some warehouses may not be large enough to safely use a larger forklift. These jacks are typically smaller and easier to maneuver than a forklift that you operate while seated. Learn more about this equipment and its use in the material handling industry.

Continental Lift Truck has years of experience distributing forklifts and pallet jacks to customers nationwide. We are an authorized Clark dealer and have affordable and reliable electric pallet jacks for sale. For more information about our electric pallet jacks, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about this tool. The number to call is 718-738-4738. We can even provide you with a free quote to help with the buying process.